Introtruction to Ban Mai Co., Ltd


Ban Mai Co., Ltd strives to become one of Vietnam’s leading OEM companies in garment industry and is engaged to supply best quality garments together with best customer service and competitive prices.

Founded in 1997, Ban Mai Co., Ltd was originally a company exporting handicrafts to Europe. In 2011, we started focusing on OEM garment business in the background that Vietnam has joined the dicussion of TPP & many other Free Trade Agreements, which is an important step of Vietnam’s integration to the world economy, establishing its trade relations with more than 200 countries.

Over the years, Ban Mai Co., Ltd has built up a good reputation in garment manufacturing with a strong production system and quality control team. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided. We believe we will satisfy our buyers through deep understanding buyers’ needs and desires

Ban Mai Co., Ltd aims at converting buyers’ designs into garments of high quality, meeting the demand of good fashion.


Ban Mai’s vision:

Our vision is to become the Industry leader. We are making great efforts to become Vietnamese top OEM garment manufacturer, contributing to global fashion industry. All in all, we love fashion, we make garments.

Ban Mai's mission:

Our mission is to make fashion designs come true. We are commited to supply high quality garments with competitive prices and on schedule.

Ban Mai’s values:

Be highly collaborative:  We support our people to work closely together to meet challenges and find solutions. We also actively nurture collaborative spirits between our people and partners.

Work in safety: We commit to create and maintain free-from-danger working environment for our people. We consider people our most precious resource.

Strive for excellence: We always set higher goals and strive for the best with our available resources. We seek continuous improvement.