Enterprise self-certification of origin

To benefit from trade agreements, exporters self-certification of origin will help simplify procedures and reduce costs.

Mechanism of self-certification of origin is very important for enterprises (DN) export. This mechanism will adjustthe compliance of the provisions relating to certificates of origin, cut administrative procedures, saving time, costsfor businesses and government agencies manage.

Certificate of origin to benefit from the FTA

Anh Duc Vuong Export Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) is implementing a pilot project self-certification of origin in ASEAN.The project aims to facilitate intra-ASEAN trade, strengthen regional integration, simplify procedures and reduce costs for exporters;optimize the efficiency of government resources such as manpower saving C / O.

Recognizing the advantages of the rules of origin in free trade agreements, GS. Deborah Elms- Nanyang Technological University(Singapore) - said, rules of origin shown on the commercial invoice to ensure the participating countries to benefit new agreement onthe rate of 0. If Vietnam is members of the trade agreement, then the Vietnamese businesses incentives rather DN of the Agreementshall not be entitled to participate. ROO benefit all agreements as expressly stated how the incentives. Accordingly, the origin of eachitem, each product, the more complex the product, the certification is more difficult.

On the other hand, representatives of Department of Supervision and Management (General Administration of Customs), saidmechanism of certificates of origin for customs management is very important. Accordingly, the test determines the origin of goods for export, the customs declaration autobiographies, self-responsibility before law for the origin of goods exported. Customs authorities to detect and prevent illegal transshipment of goods. When there is doubt about the information originating goods exported to inspect,verify the origin of goods; check the legality and validity of the certificate of origin, content related to the origin of the documents ofcustoms documents and the actual goods to determine the origin and application preferential treatment as prescribed.


There will be a clear mechanism for implementation DN

However, when the self-certification allows businesses of origin are also many problems still fret. Representative Co. Vinatoken said anoutsourcing company shipments in China, the company's brand and wondered if this could be on the label "Made in Vietnam" or not?Because in reality, if only packaged, processed ie perform simple operations on the product, do not count as originating goods.

But the experts also said that the rules of origin if the record companies who knowingly false origin to enjoy the privileges oravoid trade barriers will be dealt with severely. Because it does not just affect the reputation of the company, lost customers,markets, prosecuted for criminal responsibility ... but also affect the credibility of a commodity on the international market.More extreme, when the product is removed from the list of preferential tariffs will affect the competitiveness of otherenterprises.

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