Resource-optimised shrinkage technology for basic and sensitive denim fabrics


The textile industry consumes huge amounts of energy and resources in all the textile manufacturing stages.

For example, the shrinkage finishing process particularly requires large volumes of moist chemical apply and thermal energy - but a significant part of these resources is wasted.

Energy is lost via hot exhaust gases, effluent and hot waste air (cylinder dryer) in particular. The handling of thermal energy as well as raw materials in an efficient and sustainable way is therefore currently a hot topic in the textile industry.

Sustainability – Targets of textile machinery suppliers


  • - Save electrical energy, oil, gas, compressed air, chemicals
  • - Reduce specific energy demand
  • - Save valuable raw material
  • - Reduce life cycle cost
  • - Reduce emission load in atmosphere

Over the years A. Monforts Textilmaschinen has been concentrating its intensive R&D activities on developing energy-saving machine concepts and systems, focusing on efficient water and chemical apply units - so called ECO - Application units.

One of the most recent pioneering innovations to emerge is the development of the Eco Applicator with its controlled kiss roll (tangential application) technology.

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